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Daily Dose (1-10-14)

WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH“[True worship] is both an affair of the heart and an affair of the mind.” David Mathis discusses what it means to worship in spirit and truth.

WHEN YOUR HEART ISN’T IN IT: “You might find yourself sitting in darkness and uninterested in God’s word, prayer, or worship. But do not neglect these things, for no matter how feeble your faith is at the moment, God will strengthen and enlarge it.” Joe Thorn challenges us to seek the Lord even when our heart just isn’t in it.

THE LIFE-RATTLING TRUTH THAT HAS KEPT ME IN AFRICA: “Paying mere mental assent to a doctrine is quite different than having that doctrine shape your thinking and ultimately your decisions.” Philip Hunt explains how practically experiencing the sovereignty of God has kept him in Africa for 20+ years.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF TWITTER: Kevin DeYoung shares some hilarious, but great points about what we should and shouldn’t do on Twitter.

THREE CHALLENGES FOR THE CHRISTIAN BLOGOSPHERE: “We need to be less about whatever bonehead move Celebrity Pastor X made this week and more about the gospel.” Aaron Armstrong challenges Christian bloggers with three things he would like to see change this year in the blogosphere.


Daily Dose (4/24/13)

I’m not sure if you realize this, but you are supposed to click the links to read the articles – don’t just read my description of the articles (that’ll get you nowhere). Enjoy today’s links. 

IN GOD WE JOY“Our joy in God is bound up with our trust in God. The two cannot be separated — not ever. Trust is the backbone of joy. And joy is the outflow of trust in one who is fully Trustworthy.” An encouraging reminder by Tony Reinke over at the Desiring God blog.

A STORY OF LIFE-ON-LIFE DISCIPLESHIP: “Men are quick to admit they are wrong, men fail, men ask for forgiveness, men need Jesus.” This is an encouraging story about how a group of men poured into a teenager on what being a Jesus-loving man looks like.

THE FACE OF EVIL, AND OF LOVE: “What does evil look like? You and me.” Jared Wilson challenges us to think about exactly what evil – and love – looks like. We’re always quick to point out the evil in others without looking at the evil that has been, is, and could be in our own life. But there is a picture of love that we see – redemption through the gospel of grace.

SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE NEWS: “[S]ocial media…has gradually been changing the field of journalism.While it has been looked to for breaking news in the past few years, the events at the Boston Marathon and especially the Watertown manhunt brought social media to the forefront.” A great article about social media being a new wave of journalism and the pros and cons of using it to get the facts of breaking news.

“I’M SATISFIED IN YOU”: “Jesus, life is found in You. Jesus, now I know the truth – and the truth is…I’m satisfied in You.” This song was written by Russell Morton during his time at the Oaks School of Leadership. He recorded the song with Shane & Shane as part of his internship.