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Do you understand the gospel?

“When you blow it, God still celebrates His Son in you. The litmus test of whether or not you understand the gospel is what you do when  you fail. Do you run from Him and go clean yourself up a little bit before you come back into the throne room? Or do you approach the throne of grace with confidence? If you don’t approach the throne of grace with confidence, you don’t understand the gospel.”

– Matt Chandler


NEW: Daily Dose (4/17/13)

Hello readers! It’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted, but I’m going to work on changing that. I’m going to try to come up with some different daily themes to follow so that I can be more consistent. I’m starting today with an idea that I got from Tim Challies’ blog, but I will title my daily collection of posts “Daily Dose”. There will be a summary/thought from me under each post possibly followed by a question to better engage with you.

If you have any suggestions as to daily blog themes or how I can better engage you with my blog, please let me know.

FORGIVENESSI saw this video circulating online yesterday and had to watch it as Matt Chandler is one of my favorite preachers. God still celebrates Christ in us no matter the struggles that we are currently facing. Grace covers our struggles, so there is no reason to fill your life with guilt and despair. Repent and press forward into Christ this morning! I hope that you will be encouraged by this video today.

LOOKING EVIL IN THE EYE: “God using evil things for our good does not make the evil things less evil.” Don’t be afraid to call evil for what it is. There is nothing wrong with being angry and sickened by it, but remember that there is One who is sovereign over evil – ultimately using that evil for the benefit of his people and the glory of himself.

MINISTRY INSIGHTS FROM DAVID PLATT: “I want my preaching to be the overflow of communion with God.” Platt sits down for this almost 13-minute video interview discussing prayer, devotional life, sermon preparation, preaching in other countries, and surrendering to & abiding in Christ.

HOW SOVEREIGN IS GOD?: This article is a compilation of Scripture about the sovereignty of God.

FIND YOUR WORTH IN THE GOSPEL: Were we so valuable to God that we were worth dying for? Is the gospel about our worth or Christ’s work? Trevin Wax discusses this topic in his latest post.

I hope you have a great Wednesday!

Advance 2013 Conference Notes

I was able to attend the Advance 2013 Conference via live-stream this weekend.

The link to my notes are below.

Speakers: John Piper, Matt Chandler, David Platt, J.D. Greear, Tyler Jones, and others

About: What’s more important, making disciples or reaching the lost? Faithfulness or effectiveness? Width or depth? We tend to prioritize one or the other. Churches that prioritize depth place a great emphasis on discipleship, but are often ineffective at reaching the lost. Churches that prioritize width reach the lost, but are often shallow and fail to produce mature disciples.

But faithfulness and fruitfulness are not at odds. It is the Father’s desire that we bear much fruit AND pass on to faithful men what we have heard. The early church both devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching AND saw the Lord add to their number daily. If we want to build and plant healthy churches, we need to embrace the tension of faithfulness and effectiveness.

Notes: You may find all my notes here.

Be You

It’s sinful for you to want to be someone other than who you are. It’s an ungrateful, wicked heart that doesn’t just run the race marked out for [you]. Run the race marked out for you. That you would grow comfortable with who God has asked you to be, who he has made you to be. Learn from men of God, but don’t try to be them – be you.

– Matt Chandler