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Daily Dose (1-13-14)

ADVICE FOR YOUNG PASTORS & LEADERS“Don’t neglect caring for your own soul before you care for other souls.” Young ministry leader Tyler Saldaña gives some advice to other young ministry leaders.

A ‘GOSPEL’ THAT ALMOST KILLED ME: “The white-knuckled discipline that I once devoted to the prosperity gospel, I now devote to trusting fully in the finished work of Christ and the grace that I breathe in to survive.” Sean DeMars gives an account of his live when he was devoted to the ‘prosperity gospel’ and how his eyes were opened to the true gospel.

4 WAYS TO MINISTER TO US ‘YOUNG GUNS’: “Many young guys have big hearts and legitimate ambition for the kingdom of God. The church of the future will be far better served if young men are guided and shepherded by more seasoned saints.” John Pond explains four ways older men can mentor younger men in the ministry.

REWRITING OLD HYMNS FOR A NEW GENERATION: “While the text has and will stand the test of time, the melody lost that fight long ago.” Dustin Kensrue shares some reasons and tips for rewriting hymns.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR MISSIONARIES ACTUALLY TEACH?: “Stop sending prosperity-preaching missionaries to the jungles of Peru. They’re killing the villages here. Your missionaries are spending tens of thousands of dollars, traveling across land and sea, invading and settling into new cultures, and it’s all for nothing. They’re doing more harm than good.” This is a very important post that all Christians need to read – especially if they support missionaries, are missionaries, or plan to be missionaries. Sean DeMars talks about how the American Church is exporting the prosperity gospel into places like Peru (where he serves) through missionaries. He challenges us to know what our missionaries believe before we support or send them.


Daily Dose (1-10-14)

WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH“[True worship] is both an affair of the heart and an affair of the mind.” David Mathis discusses what it means to worship in spirit and truth.

WHEN YOUR HEART ISN’T IN IT: “You might find yourself sitting in darkness and uninterested in God’s word, prayer, or worship. But do not neglect these things, for no matter how feeble your faith is at the moment, God will strengthen and enlarge it.” Joe Thorn challenges us to seek the Lord even when our heart just isn’t in it.

THE LIFE-RATTLING TRUTH THAT HAS KEPT ME IN AFRICA: “Paying mere mental assent to a doctrine is quite different than having that doctrine shape your thinking and ultimately your decisions.” Philip Hunt explains how practically experiencing the sovereignty of God has kept him in Africa for 20+ years.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF TWITTER: Kevin DeYoung shares some hilarious, but great points about what we should and shouldn’t do on Twitter.

THREE CHALLENGES FOR THE CHRISTIAN BLOGOSPHERE: “We need to be less about whatever bonehead move Celebrity Pastor X made this week and more about the gospel.” Aaron Armstrong challenges Christian bloggers with three things he would like to see change this year in the blogosphere.

Do you understand the gospel?

“When you blow it, God still celebrates His Son in you. The litmus test of whether or not you understand the gospel is what you do when  you fail. Do you run from Him and go clean yourself up a little bit before you come back into the throne room? Or do you approach the throne of grace with confidence? If you don’t approach the throne of grace with confidence, you don’t understand the gospel.”

– Matt Chandler

To All The Single Ladies

Don’t let your longing for a godly man become your idol. Keep your eyes focused on Christ and maximize your singleness for His glory.

And don’t fool yourself; constantly talking about guys and being single does not mean that you have “given it to the Lord.” That’s just you trying to convince yourself that you have.

I understand that this is a real struggle for many ladies. You pray, read all these singleness & dating articles, read couples’ blogs, read romance novels, watch a million romance movies, hoping that one day you will have something like that. Then years pass and you still don’t have that man. You’re still waiting.

Am I doing something wrong?
Am I ugly?
Is it because of __________?
Why don’t any of the nice guys notice me?
What do I need to change?

STOP. Stop trying to do all the right things. Be you. God doesn’t work in your time frame. Trust Him. What’s wrong is that you have made this issue your idol. You have filled your mind with romance, coveted the godly relationships around you, and put your hope in a man pursuing you (whom will nevermeet all the qualifications of those romance novels & movies).

Okay… so what? Repent. Stop looking to this issue as your hope. Dating and marrying a godly man has become your idol. Yes it is a God-given longing, but you have taken that longing and have begun to serve and worship it.

You are single right now for a purpose, and that purpose is to serve and worship Christ with all your being. Stop waiting around for a guy to pursue you.Live your life. Serve Christ. Serve others. Proclaim the gospel. You’ll meet a guy along the way. If you don’t, God will still be the object of your attention and you will be content serving Him.

Be You

It’s sinful for you to want to be someone other than who you are. It’s an ungrateful, wicked heart that doesn’t just run the race marked out for [you]. Run the race marked out for you. That you would grow comfortable with who God has asked you to be, who he has made you to be. Learn from men of God, but don’t try to be them – be you.

– Matt Chandler