Daily Dose (4/18/13)

PRAY FOR BOSTONAfter every tragedy or disaster in a city we take to social media and suggest that people pray, but are those the only times that we need to pray for that city? What about when a city gets a new leader? What about when a new school is built for a community? This post is a challenge to all of us.

WITH THOSE WHO REJOICE: “We should not think of ourselves more highly than we ought. But isn’t that what we’re doing when we turn our gaze from the mercies of God and start coveting the blessing of another?” Carolyn writes to the ladies in this post about waiting in the midst of proposals, weddings, and baby showers. How can you rejoice with those who rejoice when it seems that everyone around you but you are the ones rejoicing?

THE SECRET REASON BEHIND CONSPIRACY THEORIES: “Conspiracy theories have an aesthetic appeal: they make us feel more important in the grand scheme of things than we are.” If you’ve been around me long enough, you’ll find out that I am not a fan of conspiracy theories. Justin Taylor shares an excerpt from Carl Trueman in this post on why conspiracy theories are appealing to so many people.

FIREFIGHTER STEPS UP DESPITE OWN TRAGEDY: “Even though we face our own personal tragedies from time to time, we still know that we have to go help others — and then assess our own tragedies later on.” After a fertilizer plant in Texas explodes killing many, a volunteer firefighter immediately goes to battle the flames and save lives despite his own loss.

TREE HOUSE MANSION: A Texas couple built a tree house mansion for their grandchildren around a pecan tree. The couple allows the children in the neighborhood to play in it now that their grandchildren are grown.

SOVEREIGN OVER US: WorshipMob does a cover of Aaron Keyes’ song, “Sovereign Over Us.” I hope this video encourages you today.


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About Rod Pitts

I'm a 28-year-old guy seeking to obediently go wherever God leads. I did my undergraduate work at Blue Mountain College in Blue Mountain, MS. I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Ministry and a minor in Psychology. Some things I enjoy: proclaiming the gospel, hanging out with friends, Boy Meets World, BBC's Sherlock, bacon, coffee, chapstick, theology, fruit snacks, sweet tea, chicken & waffles, and Nutella.

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