The Degradation of Manhood

This post was inspired by Sara’s post about respect. I was thinking about this subject earlier, but decided to write something after reading Sara’s post.

Some women love to throw men under the bus. Yeah, I said it. They say, “Men need to do this…” “Men need to stop doing this…” “Men are pigs…” “Men are jerks…” “Men are _______…”

While these things are true for some men, they are not true for all. And if they are, many men know that they need to man up and do certain things or not do certain things.

I’m just going to throw this out there. I believe some women like to throw men under the bus, because it makes them feel better about themselves. Sometimes women think they are the center of the universe – that everything men do must revolve around them. Yes, men need to treat women with kindness and such. But if men don’t do something that women think they should, they are thrown under the bus and labeled as “jerks” and who knows what else.

Women need to stop tearing down the men in their life. Respect them.

Women have no idea how it makes us men feel when they continually degrade us.

We already feel like we must compete with the false portrayal of love that so many movies fill your minds with. We already feel like we have to actually prove that we aren’t like those “other” boys who treat you like crap. We already feel like you think we are worthless.

So, from a guy, please encourage us to do better. Please call us out when neededBut please do not degrade us and make us feel less of a man than we already do.


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About Rod Pitts

I'm a 28-year-old guy seeking to obediently go wherever God leads. I did my undergraduate work at Blue Mountain College in Blue Mountain, MS. I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Ministry and a minor in Psychology. Some things I enjoy: proclaiming the gospel, hanging out with friends, Boy Meets World, BBC's Sherlock, bacon, coffee, chapstick, theology, fruit snacks, sweet tea, chicken & waffles, and Nutella.

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