Guys, this post is for you. If you struggle with lust, pornography, and masturbation, then this post will benefit you. It’s very straightforward. You have been warned.

First, if you haven’t read Blake’s post on “Advice for Guys that Struggle with Lust,” I encourage you to go read that first. Then click back over to this post and read:

Just imagine for a moment that this is reality:

You’re on a battlefield. It’s dark. Chaotic. Cold wind is whipping your face. The stench of death fills the air. Corpses of demons lie all around you…and the field is soaked in blood.

You can hear the sounds of armor and weapons colliding…sparks are flying. Screams pierce your ears.

You see chiseled, powerful beings radiating in white…and they’re destroying shadows…gripping the throats of principalities and slitting them with iridescent blades.

But you’re without armor. You wonder how you got to this place…and why you came unprepared.

Men that you recognize are rushing the opposite direction – spears aligned…ready to throw. Swords sharpened, shields fixed, helmets lowered…they’re ready for battle. They’re calling for you to join them. They’re rushing for the the front lines – and they’re unafraid. They know they’ve been given victory.

But not you…you’ve got your pants down around your ankles. You’re roaming in circles looking for the seductress that’s calling you by name.

You can’t wait to fornicate on the battlefield.

And all the while, the Kingdom is coming. The lost are being found. The sick are being healed. Demonic assignments are being cancelled. The veil is being lifted off of Islam…and the persecuted church is exponentially growing in the face of opposition. Jesus is authoritatively mediating a covenant – and the Spirit is interceding for the children of God…breathing life into dry bones.

You? You want an orgasm.

That is an excerpt of a post over at Unearthed Pictures blog. I encourage you to go read that entire post. I know this is a lot of reading, but hey if you struggle with lust, porn, or masturbation, I’m sure you will find it beneficial.


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